We are the Procrastinating Quilters. We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.  Our location is:

Seville Recreation Center
2640 Seville Blvd
Clearwater, FL.


May 17, 2018 — PQ Fiesta

We will be having our Charity Basket Auction, revealing our Kindness Flags/Banners, distributing the 3 Yard Challenge patterns, drawing for party blocks winners and having a Make It / Take It project. That and some yummy fiesta food and friendship will make for a great night.

Please bring a hand sewing kit with you to the meeting (scissors, needles, pins and thimble if you need one), your completed Kindness Flags (see Challenge below), Party Blocks, basket of goodies for the auction, the covered dish you signed up for and some cash to shop.


We are working on putting on another great quilt show.  The dates are February 15th and 16th, 2019.  See our quilt show website at  midpinellasquiltshow.com for more information.


This year I have asked members to create a small flag or quilted banner that is based on a Prayer Flag. Prayer Flags have their origins in Tibetan and Buddhist traditions. They are often simply colored pieces of fabric that have a word or prayer inscribed on them and are hung out in the wind. It is believed that the good intentions and blessings will be sent out into the world to benefit everyone.
Here are the details / guidelines for the challenge:
  • Create an 8 x 8 banner or small hanging that has your personal wish or prayer as the inspiration. If you wish to attach fringe or ribbons, etc. from the banner, the length of that will not be included in the 8 x 8 size.
  • Your flag / banner may be quilted, but it is not required.
  • Have a sleeve on the back for hanging. Thread a ribbon or piece of fabric through the sleeve that is at least 32” long. This will be used to tie the banners together for display. If you prefer to not have a sleeve, attach ribbons or fabric strips to each side of the hanging that are at least 12” long for the same purpose.
    Bring your Kindness Banner to the May party where we will hang them on display. You may make more than one banner if you like! Overachieving is welcomed when spreading kindness!


We have a Facebook page .  Viewing and access is closed and only given to members of Procrastinating Quilters.  Find our Facebook page here.